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Dr. Lee is originally from Delaware. She is very athletic and enjoys staying on top of her health by both eating well and working out . While going through school she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in health care. She went to Delaware State University and got her bachelor’s degree in biology. During her senior year she decided to spend some time at Life University for their open house.  After hearing of all the lives that were changed by chiropractic without the use of drugs and surgery she decided she too wanted to help people discover their body’s natural ability to heal with specific chiropractic care.  After dealing with menstrual irregularities for years and fearing that she would risk the chance of not being able to have children chiropractic care helped her get to the cause of her problem and correct it.  She has helped patients see and understand how they can lose their health and then gain it back by getting to the cause of their problems and not masking the symptoms.  Dr. Lee is trained to utilize Fullspine, Gonstead and Torque Release Techniques.  Dr. Lee is grateful for the opportunity to serve Suwanee and other near by communities. 

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